3D MapsSee Terrain in Depth

Waterproof. Robust. Lightweight.No need for power or special lighting.No need to analyse contour lines.Instantly see the lie of the land.

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How practical are the maps?

The maps are made of a tough polymer, and are thin and flexible.

The maps are waterproof meaning you can look at them in the pouring rain, and water will not harm them - there are no paper components as the image is printed directly onto the sheet with an additional layer of tough polypropylene backing to protect it.

The maps do not need special lights such as halogen in order to be viewed and they look excellent in daylight and under multiple or single light sources of any kind. For hints and tips on how to get the best from your map, with diagrams, see our hints and tips section.

Also, have a look at an interactive demo of the Lake District Deepmap